Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Choices in Auditorium Chairs

You may not realize that you have choices in the auditorium chairs that you buy. It seems that every stadium seat you sit in is the exact same with the occasional exception to the color of the covering. There are actually several different choices and options available.

Auditorium chairs can be bought in different colors. You can get several different colors of these seats. Darker colors are the most popular because these colors do not show stains like lighter colors do. Lighter colors are very easy to stain.

Most auditorium chairs are covered with materials that are very easy to clean. At one time all of these types of chairs were covered with a plastic type covering so they could be cleaned with a damp cloth and disinfected. Today the majority of establishments that have these seats in them prefer to have cloth covered seats.

Auditorium chairs come in different widths. Most people do not realize that you can get these seats in small sizes and you can get them in sizes to accommodate extra-large people. Most places either choose one standard size or they will have one standard size for most of their seats and a few extra-large seats for the larger people that are expected to come to their establishment.

You can get these seats designed so that they have arms separating each chair. This gives each person a better defined space. You can also get them designed with no arms rests in-between the seats. The seats that do not have arm rests take up less room and that allows the establishment to put more seats in one area. The ones that do have arm rest are generally more comfortable than the armless versions.

You can order these seats made with padding and without cushions on them or you can get them made with cushions on them. Most places that will have customers sitting for long periods of time opt to have the cushioned seats installed so their customers are more comfortable.

You can purchase these chairs in different lengths according to the amount of space you have to place them in. Some places will only accommodate three or four chairs where some places can have more than one hundred chairs in a row. You have to take measurements of the area where the chairs will be installed and then determine the number of chairs you can place in each row.

Some of these chairs are designed to have seats that fold up. You see these frequently in movie theaters. Some of these chairs are designed to remain open. You see these types of chairs in waiting rooms. The option for folding seats is open to the places that want to be able to provide as much room in the aisle as possible.

When placing these chairs you will need to bolt them to the floor of the establishment. This makes it possible for more seats to be placed in an area than when each chair has an individual framework.

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